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»What is potential and how to assess it?«

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Unlike employee performance, potential generally refers to a forward-looking capacity for development. When designing potential analyses, the question should always be raised: "For which purpose shall the potential be identified?": Potential for the responsibilities of a project manager or potential for the leadership role? Potential for strategic or operational management functions?

As the assessment of the participants' potential gives an indication of how they will develop in the future, potential analyses are more challenging than, for instance, the assessment of the actual behaviour.

The ability and the willingness to learn are two key factors in order to leverage individual potential. Apart from those, there are other indicators to identify potential that need to be considered when assessing potential. Also, in the case of potential analyses, we employ the multimethodological approach, using a combination of those instruments which allow for a valid potential assessment.

In potential diagnostics, we usually assess how effortlessly participants react to future challenges in simulation exercises. However, no perfect outcomes are expected of the participants – the idea is to find out how close the participants get to solving the problem. We also recommend giving interim feedback and implementing repetitive exercises, as, by measuring the learning rate, the participants' flexibility and behavioural spectrum – both essential potential indicators – become visible.

Due to the rapid pace of change in organisations, further ideas on the concept of potential emerge: What enables employees and executives to quickly adapt to the changing environment? What are the distinctive aptitudes in the personality of high potentials? Can potential be learned? Together with you, we would like to discuss which concept of potential is best suited for your organisation, and we help you identify your high potentials by means of potential analyses.

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