Cognitive performance tests

»Analytical thinking as an essential predictor of professional success«

Scene Test processing on the PC - Identification of high potentials

Many studies and meta-analyses have shown that the ability to analyse and think analytically are key indicators for predicting professional success. This involves the quick and correct analysis of figures, tables and texts. However, a completely different aspect is that the recording and assessment of social situations is also a cognitive process in which complex information must be processed quickly.

What interests does my counterpart pursue? Which argument do I use at which point in time in order to have the greatest possible persuasive effect? Where is the conversation going from a meta-level perspective?

However, in times of information overload, full inboxes and intensive virtual conferences, the ability to concentrate and evaluate facts quickly is increasingly in demand. For this reason, we often use cognitive tests as an accompaniment to our diagnostic procedures or as part of the pre-selection process.

The cognitive performance tests can be completed online in a time window of about 20 minutes and round off the assessment of a participant. For larger applicant pools, these digital assessments are also used to select applicants and are used at an early stage in the application process. The cognitive performance tests are available in all common languages and with different norming groups.

Work scene - analytical thinking to predict career success

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