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»Conducting interviews – The supreme discipline of diagnostics«

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Conducting an interview with a candidate sounds simple: After a one-hour conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, you get a good sense of the candidate and you know if they are a good fit for your team. Unfortunately, this interview type – the un- or semi-structured interview – is widely used, although there is a multitude of studies that have proven its lack of validity. It is, however, not rocket science to substantially increase the predictive accuracy of interviews by employing a bit of structure, a set of competency based questions and a systematic evaluation of the statements and observations made.

Simultaneously, the requirements placed on interviews are continuously increasing in times of skilled labour shortage: It is no longer just a question of checking the professional and interdisciplinary suitability of a candidate for a certain position.

Often, executives and HR managers report that they are spending the majority of the interview time talking about the benefits as an employer or addressing topics like organizational culture, understanding of leadership and career development opportunities. Many of today's selection interviews have become the battlefields of the 'war for talents'.

Our interview trainings aim at enabling the participants to set up a reasonable structure for their individual interviews. Questioning techniques and techniques that help deepen the discussion or that draw the participants' attention to certain topics help gather relevant information from the participants, while creating an open and appreciative dialogue. In addition, we give space to topics such as "employer branding" or good "candidate experience" and discuss the consequences of positive and negative evaluations on the internet. Of course, we will also look at the specifics of conducting interviews in the virtual space and derive insights for our own practice.

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Our services

  • Company-specific development of interview trainings – individual specialization possible
  • Conduction of interview trainings for executives and/or HR managers/recruiters
  • Conduction of interview trainings as in-house or digital trainings
  • Monitoring the conduction of interviews in practice including detailed feedback

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