Conflict moderation

»In the midst of difficulty lies possibility!« Albert Einstein

Scene Mediation talk for a positive conflict culture

When we are requested in the role of an external neutral moderator to assist in resolving a conflict situation, the conflicts between the parties involved have often been present for some time. As a rule, attempts at conciliation within the organisation have not yet led to the desired success. If the positions are already hardened and emotions have a particularly strong impact on the conflict, it is important to address them and give them priority.

Even with moderation, conflict resolution can succeed only if both parties to the conflict are voluntarily prepared to work on conflict resolution and adhere to the rules laid down in advance. The advantage of moderated conflict resolution is that the exchange between the parties is "decelerated" and the moderator's intervention helps to prevent conflict escalation dynamics from arising or to interrupt/stop them at an early stage.

The chance of good conflict resolution is to develop a better understanding for each other and to recognise one's own needs as well as those of the other person. On the basis of transparent needs, goals and interests, more solution options often become visible and possible. However, not every conflict can be resolved and in individual cases there is only the possibility that one of the two conflict parties leaves the conflict field or that a higher authority makes a decision via an instruction.

However, significantly more often at the end of a conflict moderation process there is a greater awareness of behaviour that contributes to a positive conflict culture. Conflicts in the future - which will always exist - can also be better solved internally.

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