“Leadership is the source of success”

Water is unique. There is no other element in nature that can be found in all three physical states – solid, liquid and gas.
For us, it is, therefore, the perfect picture of transformation.

Transformation is a key term in companies. Facing today's challenges of digitalisation, globalisation and ever more rapidly changing markets, executives are required to show a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Transformational leadership helps executives to motivate their employees, to strengthen their ties to the company and to develop their competencies further.

We support companies in the following change processes: In the area of assessment, focus is on the identification of potentials and competencies. Our development offer aims at developing and enabling executives and HR managers and, with our tools, we support our customers with HR instruments and digital solutions."

This way, we help companies become more sustainable and successful in the long run.


Our offers in the area of assessment provide professional and targeted services for companies both for the selection and the development of employees. Thereby we combine classic with digital solutions.


Conversation scene - Development Centre


Our coaching and training offer aims at enhancing the behavioural repertoire of the participants and at developing new perspectives and alternative solutions. The combination of in-house trainings and coaching and blended learning modules leads to sustainable development successes.


Training Scene - Empowering New Leaders


HR instruments, such as competency models or development dialogues, are an essential part of strategic staff development. And with our online-based questionnaires and testing procedures, we offer state-of-the-art and efficient tools.


Editing an online questionnaire

Your benefits at a glance

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Our customers

What our customers say

"Working together with CT is characterised by a target-oriented and constructive collaboration. Cornelia Tanzer and her team have excellent diagnostic knowledge which they keep up to date at any time."

Andreas Schneiders, Team Leader Diagnostics, International Trading Group

"Through excellent consulting, we were able to combine theory and practice reasonably, while significantly improving the standard of our assessment centres in recent years. I particularly like the quick perception to anticipate trends and challenges already at an early stage, in order to derive timely business solutions.

I also very much appreciate the open and human approach of the entire team, that always makes sure that cooperation is very pleasant even in stressful times."

Andreas Schneiders, Team Leader Diagnostics, International Trading Group

"I would like to thank you very much for your professional and efficient collaboration in the field of suitability diagnostics! I always felt like I had a competent and reliable partner with you."

Tobias Tümler, Head of Management Diagnostics and Development, Group over 10,000 employees

"Professionality meets empathy ... Thank you very much for the great service you provided during the selection process of our new executives!"

Robert Fink, Blueberries

"I have been working together with Cornelia Tanzer and her team for many years. All projects were successful and sustainable and implemented in a highly professional manner. I especially appreciate that Dr. Tanzer is able to quickly identify which instruments best meet my requirements as a customer. Regardless of all professionalism, there is always space for fun, humour and authenticity."

Katja Quakatz, Division Manager HR, Diakonie Düsseldorf

"We appreciate the diagnostic expertise of Cornelia Tanzer Managementdiagnostik. Thanks to the requirement-oriented instruments and the professional and experienced view of the consultants, the development centres provide really valuable insights for the participants themselves, as well as for the department and personnel development, which greatly support us in our further work."

Christina Erben, HR Manager Personnel & Organisational Development, pfm medical ag.

"Working with CT is characterised by the fact that she always succeeds in bringing people to what is probably the most difficult task: to confront oneself, to look at one's "blind spot", to question cherished beliefs, to understand what one all too readily avoids in order to finally overcome oneself, to approach things differently. Initiating learning processes is the most sustainable form of counselling I can imagine."

Dr. Christian Riese, Head of Human Resources, VIACTIV Health Insurance Fund

"I especially appreciate the great amount of empathy Dr. Tanzer has to rapidly get familiar with new and complex situations."

Frank Henkelmann, CEO Aheim Capital

"We particularly value Dr. Tanzer for her differentiated and appreciative feedback regarding the fields of improvement of individual candidates."

Mareen Asmuth, Head of Personnel Development, Rhenus

"We have received great support from Dr. Tanzer and her team for the implementation of a third executive level."

Jan Butenhoff, HR Director, OHB Systeme AG

"Dr. Tanzer's team exudes great competence and experience in the evaluation of skills and potential, providing orientation and a sense of security in making decisions in the difficult area of executive selection – a true asset!"

Jan Butenhoff, HR Director, OHB Systeme AG

What set us


We use current scientific findings for our service and at the same time develop pragmatic, practical solutions for our customers.


We have high standards for the quality of our services and products - the basis for this is appreciative communication within the team and with the customers.


We try to combine the best from all generations and grow in the area of tension between using the tried and tested vs. striving for innovation.

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