Assessment Centres

»The selection instrument with the highest predictive accuracy«

Assessment Scene - Simulation Leadership Interview

Assessment centres allow us to determine the suitability of internal or external candidates in relation to a specific requirement profile. Compared to other diagnostic methods, such as interviews, assessment centres offer the highest predictive accuracy regarding a person's suitability for a specific position.

As a first step, we identify the key success factors for the position along with typical job situations, and set up simulations accordingly. Assessment centres focus on interdisciplinary criteria, e.g. on the ability to handle conflicts or the performance motivation of a candidate. The combination of different diagnostic approaches (e.g. simulations, interviews, personality questionnaires) and different simulated situations (e.g. conversational situations, case studies, presentations) helps develop a differentiated understanding of the candidates' strengths and fields of further improvement.

Also, the candidates get a specific idea of the requirements of the future position. Assessment centres create a transparent and sound basis for decision in the hiring process while significantly reducing the risk of selecting unsuitable candidates.

Both individual as well as group assessment centres can be conducted. Usually, we recommend to involve internal observers from the company as well, in order to enhance the acceptance of the assessment and, ultimately, the recommendation for selection. Differentiated results reports, including specific recommendations for development, serve as an important starting point for the further development of the candidates.

Assessment Scene - Evaluation Interview

Our services

  • Conduction of a requirements analysis
  • Conduction of individual assessment centres
  • AC Audit: Optimisation of your assessment centres
  • Compilation of instruments for the valid assessment of the requirements
  • Conduction of group assessment centres

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