Individual Coaching

»You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.« Galileo Galilei

Scene Individual coaching with experienced coaches - individual solutions

With regard to coaching, a key basic assumption is that everyone has the potential and resources needed to master their challenges and overcome their problems. A coach, in this case, is not considered a problem solver for the coachee's challenges, but rather a guide in the coaching process, who enables the coachee to develop their own individual solutions. The coaching topic and objective are laid down by the coachee, and it is the coach who gives direction and who structures the solution development process.

While the contents of coaching can be manifold, the methods and instruments used are just as varied. Essential components of all coaching processes are systemic questioning techniques, which help initiate reflection processes and changes of perspective.

Our coaches act as an external mirror that looks at the coachee in their own system with their individual perceptions and set of beliefs, and they provide feedback on the observations made. The objective is to further extend the coachee's own perspectives and action alternatives.

Scene Individual coaching - overcoming challenges

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