Moderator qualification

»The quality of the moderator has a high influence on the quality of the diagnostic procedure«

Coaching scene for the professional accompaniment of assessment centre

The task of a moderator in a diagnostic process is complex and challenging: process controller, time manager, role player, conflict manager, observer, secretary, to name just a few aspects of this demanding role. Especially as an internal moderator, it is often an unusual task to take the "lead" with managers who are much higher up in the hierarchy and whom I meet in other situations more as a service provider and supporter.

In our moderator training session, we support participants in fulfilling these roles in a high-quality manner. The moderation process is divided into different components and the specific challenges are discussed and practised in simulations. In addition, possible interventions in dealing with critical situations in the moderator role are taught. After the training, we recommend moderating in "real situations" with gradual assumption of more responsibility for the diagnostic process.

Lecture scene for moderator qualification

Our services

  • Design of specific moderator training to match your diagnostic process
  • Training of role players
  • On-the-job support and coaching in the implementation of diagnostic procedures
  • Implementation of observer training as in-person sessions or in a digital format

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