Personality questionnaires

»Which personality traits and motives are strongly expressed and to what extent do they fit the professional role?«

Scene Questionnaire processing on the PC - Motives, values and personality

People can learn a variety of behaviours at the competence level. At the same time, however, it is helpful to understand the personality and motive structure of the counterpart when assessing the fit of a person to a role. Personality in our understanding is the combination of motives, values and the so-called Big Five –  5 stable personality factors that have been identified and confirmed in many studies.

Although motives are innate or acquired in early childhood, values develop through socialisation and cultural imprinting. All of these constructs are relatively stable over a lifespan and are almost impossible to change.

It is true that we can behave contrary to our motive and value structure or personality preferences. However, this costs us energy, whereas behaviour that conforms to our motives and values comes easily to us and has a positive influence on us.

In the area of personality questionnaires, we use different tools depending on a client's needs. All instruments are available online and can be completed in a time frame of about 20 minutes. We use the results in particular in development-oriented processes or also in the context of coaching processes or training as a reflection surface for the participants. The results of the personality questionnaires also round off the assessment with regard to assessment centres or potential analyses.

Work scene - better understanding of applicants through personality questionnaires

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