Observer trainings

»Identification of perceptional and observational distortions in the assessment of others«

Scene Observer training - individual competence training

The tasks of observers during diagnostic procedures are complex and challenging.
On the one hand, there is usually a tight schedule to make the most efficient use of the selection or AC day, on the other, they have to master the challenging task of processing a large number of information (exercises, CVs, complex schedules, etc.) while focusing their attention one hundred percent on the participants.

In addition, observers are asked to look critically at their personal perceptional and observational tendencies in order to secure a fair and valid assessment of the participants.

Easier said than done: In everyday life, stereotypes and automated thinking help us to create a quick first impression. Selective perception, thereby, avoids overstimulation, and the unconscious completion of information allows us to organize "our" world.

However, in the case of diagnostic procedures, such processes often lead to perceptional and observational distortions which may have negative effects on the evaluation process.

This is why identifying and raising awareness for one's own observational tendencies is an essential part of our observer trainings. Furthermore, the observers are familiarized with the contents and evaluation criteria of the diagnostic process. In addition, a key objective is to establish a common evaluation standard.

Presentation scene in observer training - qualitative training

Our services

  • Unconscious bias trainings
  • Development of observer trainings suitable for your individual diagnostic procedure
  • Trainings of role players
  • Conduction of observer trainings as in-house or digital trainings

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