Mission statement/values

»Joint development of the individual mission statement or values of an organisation or team«

Scene Learning about the corporate culture and values

Values and mission statements shape corporate cultures. They define the meaning and significance within a social system (group, society etc.) and provide orientation as to what behaviour is desired and aimed for in the social system. In addition to the need of employees to have clarity about the vision and strategic goals of their company, there is often also a desire for mission statements and value systems that describe the interaction and culture.

To what extent do the company values match my own values? Can I identify with the leadership model and align my leadership actions with it? Since corporate values are directly linked to individual needs and value systems, a broad participation of employees in the organisation in the development of corporate values is recommended.

It is helpful, especially for long-standing companies, to take a look at the past. What culture have we developed? What values are lived, even if no values have been written down yet? What does our DNA look like and what of it helps us to be and remain successful? Beyond that, of course, the values should also tie in with the vision and the strategic goals: What do we want to be like? What qualities do we need to achieve our goals?

The power of the mission statement or the corporate values unfolds only when the contents of PowerPoint slides are transferred into the behaviour of the employees. Here, in addition to internal marketing and communication activities, an intensive examination and regular comparison of the corporate values with the lived behaviour is essential.

Scene Development of a corporate mission statement - for more commitment

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