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Scene User Interface - AC App

Even with in-person procedures, there is an increasing desire on the part of clients to work paperless and to use the possibilities of digitalisation, e.g. in the assessment centres. This results in potential savings, as the role of a back-office employee is no longer necessary and the process of evaluating results can be significantly streamlined; at the same time, conducting the assessment with a digital solution also meets the requirements of modern and up-to-date HR work.

We have incorporated our knowledge and know-how about the most diverse diagnostic procedures into this application and the result is an AC-APP that is suitable for the most diverse areas of application: Is it a procedure with or without a moderator? Does the assessment take place at behavioural anchor or competence level? Is there a hard "cut-off" value or are there customer-specific recommendation categories?

Paperless assessment scene - AC app
Scene mobile assessment centre participation

In addition to these aspects, there are many other possibilities, such as defining specific roles and individually designing the release of rights. "sidan" also supports the process of virtual AC procedures and the time-consuming dispatch of observer and participant documents is no longer necessary. The observers receive all the necessary materials and information in the application, can carry out their assessment at different locations and see their own results as well as the assessment of the co-observers at the same time.

Our services

  • Implementation of diagnostic procedures with modern and innovative AC app
  • Adaptation of "SIDAN" to the specifics of your diagnostic procedure
  • Provision of an individual "customer backend" for independent administration
  • Granting of licence rights for the independent use of "SIDAN" in your assessment centres or potential analyses

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