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»Mapping the complexity of case studies in the virtual world as well«

Scene Editing an online case study

Case studies and business case studies are exercise formats that in particular make analytical ability, understanding of complexity, action orientation and, depending on the content, also entrepreneurial and strategic thinking visible in diagnostic procedures. The transfer of a paper-pencil case study into the virtual world is significantly more demanding than, for example, the transfer of an interview. How does the cognitive processing of content on screen change compared to content on paper?

Is the presentation of texts in pdf formats up to date or is this a target group that reads significantly less and is more used to absorbing and processing information in the form of videos?

How do I ensure that the files are not downloaded or photographed and how can I keep loading times comparable for all participants?

On which platform should the case study content be presented and how can it be ensured that the difficulty of the online case study is comparable to a paper-pencil variant? We clarify these and other questions with our customers in order to then develop a specific solution that is geared to the customer's needs. A wide range of case studies is possible: from the presentation of familiar formats (texts, graphics, tables) in virtual space to interactive designs in the direction of gamification with the use of avatars, for example.

Scene Virtual case studies - mobile processing possible

Our services

  • Development of customised online case studies
  • Transfer of existing paper-pencil case studies into target group-specific digital formats
  • Advice on the possibilities and limitations of virtualising case studies

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