Leadership Feedback

»Which leadership styles are preferred and what is the match between self-perception and external perception?«

Scene feedback discussion - further development potential for 'excellent' leadership

Under the XLNC Leadership brand, we have developed two effective leadership feedback tools: XLNC_s – a tool that surveys six different leadership styles and their situationally appropriate use, and XLNC_c - a tool that captures the climate in a team, department or organisation and reveals discrepancies between actual and target performance. Both tools help managers to become more aware of their role as a leader and receive concrete tips and starting points for further developing their leadership behaviour and strengthening the climate in their team.

The advantages of the tools are that the underlying models are scientifically verified and a modern understanding of leadership with transactional and transformational leadership qualities is conveyed.

In addition, the questionnaires are standardised, which makes it possible to benchmark one's own managers with managers from other organisations and sectors.

Both tools are available online and can be worked on in a time frame of about 15 minutes. We use the results in coaching processes or training as a reflection surface for the participants. However, the tools have also proven their worth in leadership culture development processes as part of larger-scale organisational development. Here, the results are aggregated to higher levels, e.g. a department, a hierarchical level or the entire organisation, and fields of action are derived from them or developments in cultural change are made visible.

Scene Feedback - A mirror for your own further development

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