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The annual employee performance review is one of the most frequently used HR instruments. The objective and the nature of the review can vary according to the requirements: development dialogues, feedback discussions, target-setting meetings, performance management systems and more. However, this HR instrument is repeatedly questioned, as the implementation of its actual goals very often proves to be difficult in practice. Some of the critical points mentioned are a rather low level of differentiation of the assessment, the rising frustration among the employees or a rather high amount of effort involved in controlling and documenting.

Some of the questions that we have been frequently asked with regard to employee reviews and target-setting meetings include: Is it better to conduct an annual employee discussion or to deliberately split it up into a target-setting and a development meeting? What are the benefits and disadvantages of performance-oriented bonus payments? How SMART can soft criteria, e.g. interdisciplinary competences, be assessed and measured? How can I determine, if an employee shows potential for more demanding tasks?

Apart from the diagnostic accuracy of the instrument, the executives' competencies to lead conversations as well as the quality of the relationships between executives and employees ultimately determines the level of success. Do executives manage to give critical feedback in an appreciative and constructive way? Do executives and employees maintain frequent contact and establish a trusting relationship with each other in the course of the year?

We would like to support you with our knowledge and experience in designing employee reviews and target-setting meetings.

Our services

  • Development of optimization measures for your employee review or target-setting meeting as well as its process
  • Development of guidelines for employee reviews (development interviews and/or target-setting meetings)
  • Conduction of trainings to define measurable objectives
  • Conduction of trainings to improve the executives' competencies to give feedback and lead conversations

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