We are not an E-Learning agency, but...

E-learning scene with Simple Shows

... In various customer projects, the desire arose to enrich existing training or workshops in the virtual space with e-learning for preparation or follow-up. Motivational presentations that would otherwise take place during the training can be recorded as a video and processed individually by the participants before the training. This means that the training day itself can be relieved of time, which is a great advantage in the virtual space - due to the increased demands on concentration. At the same time, when digitising our case studies, we were faced with the challenge of converting existing text material into vivid formats and so we started to develop smaller explanatory films, simple shows and e-learnings ourselves.

The results surprised us positively ourselves. Good software on the market makes it possible to produce lively explanatory films. A big advantage is that we are the technical experts for the content and integrate this expertise into our e-learnings without any loss of interface. Admittedly, we are not experts in e-learning, we don't have graphic designers, copywriters and musicians on board and we don't have the most innovative tools at our disposal. But when it comes to developing pragmatic in-depth videos for training and education, we are happy to offer solutions.

E-learning scene - customised development of learning offers

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