Competence models

»Identification of those entrepreneurial competences that enable the achievement of the strategic goals«

Scene Developing a competence model - making staffing decisions correctly

A competency model is derived from the vision, mission and the strategic goals of an organisation, and expresses the demands of the company with respect to its employees. The competencies describe the target situation regarding the employees' attitudes, characteristics and abilities and serve as a clear orientation for the company's conduct.

In order for a competence model to "come to life", it is necessary to involve all relevant people in the organisation during the development phase (e.g. in interviews, workshops or online surveys) as well as to actively communicate the benefits and goals of the competence model.

At the same time, a competence model can be effective only if it is consistently integrated into all personnel tools. When this is implemented, competence management helps to ensure that all activities and measures in personnel selection and development are geared towards one goal.

From our experience, in order for a competency model to be successful, on the one hand it should to be valid for the overall organisation, thus encouraging and integrating culture, and on the other hand it should take into account the specific requirements of the various organisational units and levels. Therefore, we recommend the development of a generic competency model, which also offers the possibility for differentiation at a lower level according to different hierarchies or job families, for instance.

Scene Communicating a competence model - communicating requirements to staff members

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  • Verification of the validity of your competency model
  • Conduction of interviews and workshops to determine the relevant requirements
  • Monitoring of processes for developing and implementing a competency model
  • Differentiation of the model according to hierarchy levels or job families
  • Adjustment and implementation of HR instruments based on the competency model

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